Blue Light Glasses- Do They Work?


Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

As people have migrated from their cubicles to their home offices, studies show that screen time is at an all-time high. Increasing the number of people experiencing headaches and eye strains from prolonged digital use, and in turn looking for potential solutions. The most common solution being blue light glasses. In fact, over the past five years, Google searches for blue light glasses have 10x, with more and more people trying to get their hands on them. 

While more people are purchasing blue light glasses, there has been one question plaguing the product from the very beginning- do they work? 

In short: Yes, but not all are created equally. 

The cheap pairs you get off amazon for $15 won’t do much to protect your eyes, and that’s because oftentimes all they offer is a poorly made slighlty tinted lens. That being said, our frames here at Instincts Eyewear utilize the latest protective lens coating technology, and we ensure that you will immediately feel the difference. We conduct a specialized blue light test before all our frames are shipped to ensure they are of utmost quality. 

Furthermore, we have a wide variety of cool and trendy styles, ensuring that there is something suitable for everybody. 

What is Blue Light? 

Simply put, blue light is emitted from both natural and artificial sources. The most common being our electronic devices, such as our phones, computers, tv, etc. Blue wavelengths can be beneficial during the day hours, as it can boost attention, reaction times, and even your mood. Although a recent Harvard study has shown that in large amounts blue light can raise your risk of eye disease, such as eye strains or computer vision syndrome. 

That being said most scientists would agree that the real dangers of blue light comes at nighttime. Researchers at the University of Toronto have shown that exposure to blue light before bedtime affects your circadian rhythm as well as works to suppress your secretion of melatonin, resulting in worse quality sleep. 

How Do Blue Light Glasses Work? 

Our blue light glasses, incorporate specialized coating technology to filter out blue light and effectively block the transmission of the range of wavelengths emitted from the devices. They also eliminate glare to help reduce any potential damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light. 


In conclusion, if you are someone that spends a prolonged time in front of digital screens, I would highly recommend you get yourself a pair of blue light glasses. You won’t have to break the bank on them and there is enough positive research to warrant at least a try.