Our Humble Beginnings

Instincts was the brainchild of two friends. Where the two discussed all that was wrong with the current eyewear industry. High quality frames were overly marked up and out of the reach of the everyday consumer. Frames were ordinary and boring, and there seemed to be a clear lack of expertise and concern regarding the effects that screen exposure can have. They clearly saw that something was missing and wrong with the status quo, and by the end of the discussion the idea for Instincts was born.

Eyes On The Future

When we decided to create our own brand, we did it with the hope to revolutionize the industry. In the development process, staying true to our core values of a company was of utmost importance. We didn’t want Instincts to be typical and expensive like the other brands. We wanted Instincts to be affordable, high quality and come in expressive colour-ways. We promise to stay true to our values throughout our journey and are committed to bringing you the best possible products. We invite you all to be apart of our journey and hope you enjoy the ride!


Our Values


At instincts we pride ourselves on our high-quality sourced materials that are designed to last and stay effective with age.


Building a great service for our customers is of utmost importance to us and serves as cornerstone for all our decisions. We are always available to answer any questions and always appreciative of any feedback.


Our glasses are made for the rebels, the artists, the INDIVIDUAL.

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